You are not the only one asking this question. Reading the Bible can be hard, confusing, and sometimes scary. Below you will find a few resources that will hopefully make reading God's Word not so intimidating. 

the HEAR method

This is just one way to read Scripture. We recommend grabbing a journal or some paper, a pen, and your bible. Then just follow these 4 simple steps. 
Still not sure what you're doing? Click here to find an example of what it looks like to do the HEAR method with a passage of scripture. But know this - getting in the Word and reflecting on how to apply it to your life is anything but easy. It may feel awkward and confusing at times; but it is the best way to fuel a personal relationship with God. Trust His Spirit within you to guide you into understanding His truth. 

Hungry for more?

Here are some other resources that we think will help you get a clearer understanding of God's word.
  1. Matthew Henry. Good commentary for a quick understanding of the text.
  2. Charles Spurgeon. Good commentary for a deeper look at the text (verse by verse…IE exegetical)
  3. General link for commentaries.
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